About Me

I am Jordan Gomez and I am on a mission to change lives one body at a time. I am a 23 year old classic physique competitor with Team ProFX and a former Division 3 football player from South Jersey. I have a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences with a focus in Dietetics from the University of Arizona and I have a passion for teaching people that anything is possible with hard work and belief in oneself. I created Guerilla Performance to embrace a community that wants to take the guessing out of their training programs and more importantly RESULTS. 

With dedication to my scientific backed programs, not only will you be able to build the physique of a Greek God/Goddess by packing on lean muscle mass, but also see strength gains skyrocket, and have access to your personal physique and performance coach on a weekly basis with progress pictures, feedback, and access to my private facebook group and mailing list! At Guerilla Performance we understand its a jungle out there, but we’re ready to go to war with the mind, body, and soul to bring out the best in us EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

How it works

For most people, we fall off when we plateau and stop seeing results. Sometimes this can be due to diet, but more likely than not this is due to the amount of effort we put into each and every lift in order to tear the most muscle fiber, pump up the muscle to its fullest extent, and continue to pack lean dense tissue. Why do we not see results? The Stimulus-Recovery-Adaptation Model is a great example of how we confuse and disrupt the musculo-skeletal system to create growth.

While it is always most important to develop proper technique, core strength, and mind to muscle connection first, there is a method that anyone trying to change their physique from good to great must implement… progressive overload. We implement this by pushing to failure, changing rep counts, and modifying intensifiers to increase tension, contraction, and stretch of the muscle fibers giving them no choice but to adapt.

Certification & Qualifications

U of A

Bachelors in Science- Nutritional Sciences - University of Arizona


NASM CPT Certified

Box-N-Burn Boxing Coach Certified

Les Mills BodyPump Certified


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